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Terms & Policies 

Down below you'll find our policies for each product we provide. 💕

please have extra attention to the following points to protect your rights. 🤗

Digital Wall Art

No Commercial Use. The Store Products are provided for the Customer's personal use only. The Customer agrees not to use the Digital Artwork for commercial purposes and the Customer agrees not to resell, distribute, or share the Artwork in whole or in part. Should the Customer use the Artwork within the scope of a professional activity or commercial venture, the Customer agrees to hold Namespace harmless of any consequence that this unauthorized use may result in.

Wall Decorations
Tote Bag

Physical Tote Bags

After receiving the bag, RETURNING the Item is NOT ALLOWED. We are working on DEVELOPING the RETURNING service. 

SHIPPING days will change depending on your country.

Thank you four your understanding. 💕

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